Shareable Graphics & Classes
for YL Members

How can YL members make Social Media work for them?

As Young Living members, sharing consistently on Social Media is key to finding new prospects, engaging with members, and cultivating builders… but it’s extremely time consuming to create all that content and look great while doing it.

With our graphics & classes, you’ll save time and look great when sharing on any social platform

  • Professionally designed educational graphics on Young Living products
  • New content to share every month
  • Beautiful classes to educate your team and prospects
  • Monthly Promo info & Newsletter
  • Easy to download
  • Compatible with any other network or service

Lock-In Current Pricing


Keep Fresh


The Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Monthly Promo Graphics
  • A Downloadable Monthly Newsletter
  • A different CLASS each month
  • All USA Starter Kits by 3rd Month
  • Immediately ( Oils and Thieves PSK Graphics)
  • Start of Month 2 ( Ningxia and CBD PSK Graphics)
  • Start of Month 3 (Little Oilers PSK Graphics)

Monthly + Vault

Power Up


Monthly + Vault Membership Includes

  • 1500+ Photos and Graphics
  • Monthly Promo Graphics
  • Downloadable Monthly Newsletter
  • Any new content created during membership
  • Immediate access to all Starter Kit Graphics
  • Immediate access to Graphics Vault: 25 Classes: 400+ graphics
  • Immediate access to Photo Vault: 1100+ Beautiful product photos

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There is always something new to share with my members and new friends.

The shareable graphics are exquisite. They’re professional and absolutely beautiful! They provide excellent help and customer service as well.

Free Graphics

Everybody likes free stuff! How about some beautiful graphics to help you educate your team and engage with prospects! Our system will automatically add your choice of personal information or links so you’ll get credit when sharing!

Frequent Questions

We can’t show you all our photos and graphics, but checkout the free graphics above!

There are currently over 1500 photos and graphics representing thousands of dollars in product and many hundreds of hours of photography and design.

We are always adding content: here is what is included in the vault membership as of Jan 2021 — listed in alphabetical order

Classes / Info Graphics:

  • 15 oils under $30 class
  • 4th of July Graphics
  • Attitude of Gratitude class
  • CBD PSK Graphics
  • Essential Oils Basics class
  • Fall Into Wellness class
  • Essential Oils PSK Graphics
  • Girl, Oil Your Face class
  • Home for the Holidays Graphics
  • It’s the healthiest time of year (winter holiday) class
  • Keep Calm and Clean
  • KidScents Product Education Graphics
  • Little Oilers PSK Graphics
  • May the 4th Graphics
  • NingXia Red Product Education Graphics
  • NingXia Red PSK Graphics
  • Over the Counter Class
  • Supplements Made Easy Class
  • Thieves Product Education Graphics
  • Thieves PSK Graphics
  • Valentine’s Day Graphics

High Resolution Photographs:

  • 15 Oils 30 and Under
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • CBD
  • Christmas and Oils
  • Fall Wellness
  • Girl Oil Your Face
  • KidScents Line
  • Little Oilers PSK
  • Misc Staged Photos (people, products, recipes and more)
  • Misc White backdrop photos (primarily stater kit items)
  • Ningixa Product Line
  • Ningxia Red and Recipes
  • Oils of Ancient Scripture
  • Oils PSK – Kitchen Photos
  • Oils PSK – White Backdrop
  • Over the Counter Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Raindrop Kit
  • Shutran Product Line
  • Spiced Turmeric Tea
  • Thieves Product Line
  • Thieves PSK

Essential Oily Life:
includes our full set of marketing tools: Websites, Graphics, Contact Manager and more. Our tools are all built around a personal website. Learn More

Essential Oily Design (this site)
includes graphics and photos only. Photos and graphics here can be used with any website or none at all!

About 75% of our images are formatted vertically which is the ideal format for sharing on Instagram Stories, Facebook, Facebook Stories, sending via text message, adding to a your own personal PDF or Sway.
A smaller percentage of our content is formatted either square or horizontally orientated which is works great for Facebook, Text message, Sway etc.

You’re welcome to use them on your own personal website no matter who is the host.

You can cancel at anytime without penalty, and you will not be billed again. We don’t offer pro-rated refunds.

Currently our photos and graphics are built for the USA market. If you’re a member in the USA, want to build in the USA or are in a NFR country you’ll find TONS of content here.

We are a family owned, woman led business of Young Living product lovers. Our company, Essential Oily Life, has served thousands of Young Living builders over the last 5 years.

Young Living members if you’re looking to grow your business, you need to capture attention on social media. We make it super simple to have conversation starters, educate on tons of products and look professional while doing it! Get access to over 1500 photos and graphics and help your social feeds stand out.